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New App For Mobius Camera on Google Play Store

New App For Mobius Camera on Google Play Store

Nov 24, 2015

Many thanks to the new developer, Tomas Chladek, for his efforts to create a new App for the Mobius camera. The App allows users with compatible Android based phones to configure their camera on the go as well as use their phone as a viewer of what the camera is seeing (great for pointing/aiming) as well as view videos captured on the Mobius camera.

As many of you may know, the previous developer has upset many users by discontinuing his development of the App, but also yanking the rights of any of the previously installs by users.

Tomas has stepped up and added the features we have asked for, so if the app works for you we would ask that you show him your support by paying the small fee for the upgrade version.

Thank You Tomas!


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