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  1. TerryinTexas /

    I did some online research and compared several Mini cams
    to use on my model Rail Road
    I watched several u tube videos that compared the Mobius with the Go Pro that sells for 3 times the price of the Mobius but found the color sharper and the low light adjustment quicker with the Mobius
    I recommended it to some of my Model Railroad friends and 2 of them bought one
    I highly recommend the Mobius

  2. Just wanted to thank you for the great product, excellent service and super fast shipping! I always wanted to get a camera I can mount on my rifles and this seemed to be a perfect solution. With all the mounting options provided, I was able to get it mounted to my Yugo AK-47 and it did great during my trip to the range even with my AK’s heavy recoil. Video quality is also great even in low-light conditions in Auto mode. Once I received the camera, I updated the firmware to the latest version. One thing to note though, you have to have an empty SD-card before you try to upgrade the firmware.
    We also took it with us on our skiing trip to Boone, NC and it performed beautifully while being mounted to my ski boot with velcro straps. Thanks Vince and your team for the great product!
    Raleigh, NC

  3. I am new found fan for the ActionCam, Vince from the support team helped me to identify the right package for my needs and was very patient throughout the process. I wanted the package to be correct as the shipment was for Australia.

    The shipping was super fast and I just love the product, it is one the best purchases I have made so far and is worth every cent.

    Thank you Vince and the team!!


  4. I received my Mobius today, both of them, and they work great. One went straight on top of my scooter helmet and the other one will travel on me for whatever comes up. Also thank you for the lifesavers, a nice treat.
    Regards, Bruce

  5. shnazzle /

    I got my mobius back in October with a wide angle lens to be used as a dash cam.
    In November, I had an accident that was not my fault. I had no leg to stand on and the case was going to be on my tab, until I whipped out the Mobius footage!! Instant case win and saved me hundreds.

    Soon after, my mobius stopped working and Vince LaManna from the support team has been absolutely epic in finding out why it stopped working. He responded REALLY quickly and really thought about the issue. We narrowed it down to a broken supercapacitor that I installed.
    All up and running again.
    Brilliant cam, amazing quality video and amazing support!
    Go Mobius!

  6. I have been looking for an action camera for a while now and found the Mobius online. It looked like the camera that would suit my needs but did not have a lot of information on it. So I looked at some reviews online but still had questions. I contacted Vince on the support team, and he took the time to help me select the right Mobius camera for me and was able to explain all the settings and what would more than likely be best for my desired uses. Today I received the camera and was able to get it set up and I am very pleased. I want to thank Vince and customer service for all their help.

  7. ginger /

    I first heard about The Mobius Action Camera during a conversation with my father. He explained that a friend of his had just bought a great little camera that was about the size of a matchbox. He was amazed by the clarity of the images produced by such a small device.
    As it was soon to be my fathers birthday, I thought a Mobius camera would be a great gift as he’d expressed a great amount of interest in them.
    I came across the company whilst looking for a place to buy my dads present. The customer service I received from Vince was indeed, very good.
    Despite Mobius-actioncam being located across ‘the pond’ in America, I felt confident enough to purchase from them, even though the camera and accessories I ordered would be traveling some distance. I found the delivery time to be exceptional.
    I was that happy with both the service and goods I received, I placed a second order which, may I add, was another faultless transaction.
    I highly recommend and would not hesitate to buy from them again. Great service and great goods!!!

  8. sdelthon /

    I have used the Mobius Action Cam for about a year and just placed another order knowing that Mobius has the best customer service that I have experienced from an online company!

    I use my Mobius for:
    Helmet Cam
    Drag Racing

  9. gprimetime /

    My Flight over Sausalito onto San Francisco and back to Oakland.


  10. mikesmobius101 /

    once again i say thank you for your product it is the top for the price and vid quality so here is a story i puchased two one for backup, i left ome in my hoody pouch by mistake of course went to the washing machine and it was there in the bottom i thought it is shot but it still worked after taking apart and drying, but no playback at first,everything else worked, after two weeks of being in the glove box of my car i tried it again and now everything works wow is all i can say i guess i got lucky lol

  11. PuddinJones /

    I bought a mobius wide angle bundle about a year ago, the camera has been PERFECT the original smaller battery (520?mah) had just gone out (my fault) i replaced it with the bigger 820mah battery, and upon receiving the battery in the mail, the staff had sent me a little gift of some mints!! and personally wrote thank you on the receipt! incredible customer care, i will never hesitate to shop from the mobius website, im a customer for life. THANKS YOU MOBIUS!

  12. ajponu /

    Thank you for the great cameras! If you didn’t get mints, you didn’t get a Mobius Cam!

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