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The latest software & documentation for the Mobius ActionCam for use on a PC & Mac can be downloaded at the following links:


To download the Configuration Software for Windows users, click on the link below

Current Version (orig Mobius): 

Current Version for Mobius2 (works with Mobius & Mobius2):

Link to msetup.exe in foreign languages: msetup translated

For helpful information and to download the Configuration Software for Mac users, click on the link below

Click below for a Mac 64 bit cocoa version written by LorenzoG

Current Version:

Helpful tips for using the Mobius ActionCam on a Mac documentation: MobiusOnMac


 Instruction Manual (User Guide)

The Instruction Manual is Integrated into the Software.

For those who prefer a printable copy (PDF) click on the link below

Latest Version for Mobius: MobiusManual.pdf 

Latest Version for Mobius2: Mobius2Manual.pdf

Latest Version for Mobius Mini: MobiusMiniManual.pdf

Memory Test Software Download, H2testw v1.4 (as referenced in the user manual, freeware)

Other helpful information on memory cards (Kingston support)

The latest firmware can be downloaded below:

Mobius manual firmware update instructions: Manual Firmware Update

Latest Firmware Version V2.33 (as a general rule of thumb, if your Mobius is currently working, it is recommend holding off updating from your current version.) Easiest and best way to upgrade your firmware is by using the msetup.exe configuration software. Other options & update details can be found in the user manual.

Firmware Version v1.13:  FWTLCAM_20131225_v1.13
Firmware Version v2.10: FWTLCAM_20140801_v2.10
Firmware Version v2.25: FWTLCAM_20141117_v2.25
Firmware Version v2.33:FWTLCAM_20150204_v2.33
Firmware Version v2.37: FWTLCAM_20150513_v2.37
Firmware Version v2.41: FWTLCAM_20150924_v2.41

Firmware Revision History (scroll down to bottom of post #3)

Mobius Firmware And Configuration Information at RCGroups

 Windows Webcam Software


Mobius Android App, link your Mobius to many Android devices:

(As of 22oct15, we have just received notice that the developer of the apps has discontinued development, we will do our best to keep you informed of any new information as we learn it)

Latest Mobius Android Apps: here

Android Apps support page: here

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