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Trouble Shooting/Frequently Asked Questions MobiusMaxi:

General self help info can be found on the forum, as well as current firmware download:

Q. Not able to access Mobius maxi on Windows 10; worked for other mobius cameras?

A. Allowing access to camera by apps, in Windows 10, must be enabled.

Q. Camera will not connect to computer with compatible memory card installed?

A. Without the camera connected to computer, turn the camera on and try creating a short video clip (by pressing the on/off button, the pressing the video button), then try connecting the camera again.

Q. Camera creates a video clip then freezes and needs to be reset.

A. This can sometimes happen the configuration file is set to save video files to mp4, trying changing file type to .MOV, also recommended to configure video clips to 5 minutes or less.

Q. Camera will not turn on, even after charging it?

A. Possible the Lens Sensor Module connector/flex has become dis-lodged; see procedure below for re-seating the sensor flex.