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FAQ MobiusMini

Trouble Shooting/Frequently Asked Questions MobiusMini:

Q. What is the difference between the Mobius, Mobius2 and the MobiusMini cameras?

A. Other than the obvious visual differences and size, the cameras do have different functionality. This can best be seen by looking at this compare document using msetup screens; Click Here

Q. When connected to my computer, I am getting the message: USB device is not recognized by the computer?

A. Make sure that the camera has a compatible memory card installed, and make sure the camera is fully charged.

Q. Even thought I have my camera set to 60 fps, the videos are recording at only 30 fps?

A. The camera is able to determine the speed capabilities of the memory card and will automatically adjust the fps. Class 10 or faster memory card is required.

Q. How long will the Mobius Mini record on a fully charged battery?

A. A fully charged battery will record video for 30-35 minutes.

Q. Can I put a Super Capacitor in the Mini to replace the battery?

A. No, there is not a super capacitor available that will fit inside the Mini.

Q. Can the MobiusMini use the magnet mount accessories like the Hat Clip, Bow Mount, Magnet mounting disk, Picatinny Mount, etc

A. Yes, when used in conjunction with the Pro2 Magnet Mounting package, you are able to have the same mounting options as the M1 & M2 cameras.

Q. Is there a Weather Cover available for the MobiusMini?

A. Not at this time.

Q. How can I make configuration changes to the MobiusMini?

A. The MobiusMini can be changed using the same methods as with the original mobius, the most basic is with a text file, but the best method is to use the msetup configuration utility developed by “Isoprop”

Q. Does the MobiusMini have a heatsink?

A. Yes, the heatsink on the MobiusMini is on the bottom of the camera, the standard brass mount or the aluminum Pro2 mount help to dissipate the heat.

Q. Is there a reset button on the Mobius Mini?

A. Yes, the small hole on the lower right rear of the camera; use a small paper clip and press while the camera is On.

Q. Can the Mini be externally powered for longer recording?

A. Yes, the camera can be externally powered in the same way the Mobius1 & Mobius2 can.

Q. Can the Lens Extension Cable be used with the MobiusMini?

A. No, the Mini lens/sensor assembly is totally different, and the camera is very difficult to dis-assemble.