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Trouble Shooting/Frequently Ask Questions Mobius1/General:

Q. What is the difference between the Mobius, Mobius2 and the MobiusMini cameras?

A. Other than the obvious visual differences and size, the cameras do have different functionality. This can best be seen by looking at this compare document using msetup screens; Click Here

Q. What are my benefits from ordering from this website?

A. Aside from being able to purchase some of the exclusive mounts and accessories, like the Bar Mount, or the Magnet Mount, or the Weather Cover (all of which are included in the Pro16G Package) we also offer the Mobius shielded case option as a separate item or as an option in some of the packages. You also get access to our full customer service and support via Chat, Email or Phone. (note, this support is only available to our customers) You get a business that is dedicated to any an all things Mobius!

Q. Having a problem with Windows 10 seeing my Mobius or running msetup.

A. Do you have an SD card inserted into your tablet? If yes, then removing it may resolve the problem. This information is from another user who had problems with his Dell tablet. After removing the SD card mSetup would run normally. The non-responding hourglass appears as if a system call, maybe to a 3rd party driver, is never returning. (comment supplied by Isoprop RCGroups)

Q. Will the Mobius lens/sensor assemblies work with the Mobius2?

A. No, flat flex cable connectors are different

Q. How do I focus the lens on the Mobius camera?

A. Focusing the lens:

  1. This can be most easily done by putting the camera in webcam mode.
  2. Open the camera by removing the (2) small screws from the back of the camera.
  3. Using the small hex wrench supplied, loosen the small set screw on the lens assembly. (note: handle lens assembly very carefully being careful not to pull on flex cable connection and handling the PCB by the edges)
  4. Remove the memory card, plug in USB cable to computer, then turn camera on and view in webcam utility, i.e. AMCap
  5. Turn lens until desired focus is achieved, it shouldn’t require much adjustment (again, being careful to not screw in too far as damage may occur to sensor glass) then tighten set screw and reassemble camera.

Q. I’m having troubles playing my videos with my current media player?

A. We have found one of the most robust media players to use is MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema), which is a free download (HERE) With all the different/new video codecs, etc not all media players are up to the current technology.

Q. How can I configure my Mobius on a Mac?

A.  The ideal method of configuring your Mobius is by using the MobiusManager.App software. Note that there are different versions depending on which firmware version your camera has. It can also be done via a text file as outlined in the user manual.

Q. Can I charge the Mobius camera while recording?

A. Yes, if charging with a USB “data” port, you must turn the camera on and start recording first, then connect to USB port; otherwise just connect to USB power source.

Q. Can I use my cell phone charger to charge my Mobius camera?

A. If you phone wall charger has a detachable cable with a standard USB connector on it then you should be ok using it. It should provide 1000mah min.

Q. Can I acquire images from Mobius camera into a computer?

A. Yes, very easy, camera operates like a thumb drive; drag drop and double click.

Q. Can the Mobius be connected to a laptop after it is mounted in the car in order to see a live feed to verify it is mounted properly?

A. Yes, the easiest way to do this is to put the camera into webcam mode, which is easiest done by removing the memory card.

Q. How can I configure my Mobius on a PC?

A. The ideal method of configuring your Mobius is by using the msetup.exe software. It can also be done via a text file as outlined in the user manual.

Q. Where can I find instructions for the Mobius?

A. Instructions can be found inside of the msetup.exe configuration tool, or on the Download/Info page.

Q. Is it possible to control the Mobius camera via USB?

A. That  can achieved that by configuring the camera to start when it sees external power, and power is supplied thru the USB cable. It can also stop when external power is removed or continue even if external power is removed.

Q. When filming, the sound is ok, but there’s no image (all black), and when taking pictures it’s also black except the time and date stamp.

A. Check the camera configuration using msetup, on the last tab (Advance Image Settings) make sure all the slider bars are in the middle position, not to the extreme.

Q. Are there any special drivers for using the Mobius on Windows 10?

A. No special drivers are required, you may want to make sure you are using the most recent version of msetup, this comment from one user; I have W10 on a desktop and tablet with NO issues with mSetup. There have been reported problems with some users using laptops that have a memory card in the laptop reader, but this has been unverified…

Q. What software can I use to use the Mobius as a webcam?

A. AMCap is a nice piece of software and is a free download.

Q. What software can I use to capture video in webcam mode while connected to my PC?

A. AMCap is a nice piece of software and is a free download.

Q. Is there a new Wide Angle “C” lens?

A. The original “C” lens has been replaced by the new “C2″ lens assembly (more info here)

Q. What are the widest FOV of the A, B & C lenses?

A. Standard “A” Lens in 1080P wide = 85 deg./Wide Angle “B” Lens in 1080P wide = 116 deg./Wide Angle “C”/”C2” Lens in 1080P wide = 132 deg.

Q. What is the focus distance of the Standard “A” lens?

A. If using the camera in near field, then the Standard “A” lens would be recommended and focus distance is 10-12 inches (254-305mm)

Q. What are the differences between  different memory cards?

A. The following link has some helpful info about Micro SD cards and their differences. Here also. Here also.

Q. How do I remove the SD card from the Mobius?

A. Using a finger nail, push the card in, you will hear it click, then release and it will pop out. Inserting is the same, when you hear a click, it is inserted.

Q. What is the video file format the Mobius generates?

A. The Mobius can be configured to create .MOV/.MP4/.AVI/.WAV (audio only) files.

Q. I want to synchronize multiple Mobius cameras for 3D, how can I do this?

A. Set all cameras to start on external power; (Power-On Auto Record) the cameras don’t need to be continually externally powered, this can be done by setting “Power-Off Disconnect” to disabled. This would allow the cameras to begin to record when seeing external power, then once started external power can be removed and they should continue to record.

Q. When using my camera as a Dashcam, the last few minutes of video are not recorded. For example, when I take a 7-minute drive, a video file in .MOV format includes the video for the first five minutes of the drive, but there is no file including the video for the last two minutes of the drive. In another example, when I take a 14 minute drive, there are two files, each for 5 minutes, for a total of 10 minutes, but there is no video for the last 4 minutes.

A. This can happen when using the Super Capacitor. The setting for “Power-Off Disconnect” must be set for “Immediate”

Q. Mobius camera is not recognized as a removable drive.

A. Do you have the video-out cable connected? If so, The camera will never be recognized as a removable drive when the video-out cable is connected. Use the standard supplied USB cable.

Q. How do I know if I have the new Wide Angle “C” lens vs the “B” lens?

A. A detailed description can be found here.

Q. Can I save a specific video clip while recording in loop mode so that it won’t be over written?

A. The current clip can be Write Protected by briefly pressing (max. 1 second) the Mode button while the camera is recording. This will set the file’s read-only attribute which will prevent the current recording from being deleted.

Note that formatting the card will delete all the files, including the protected files with the read-attribute set.
►Depending on the length of the current recording, the previous or the following clip may also be automatically locked.

  • If the current recording file is less than 1 minute, both the previous file and the current file will be locked.
  • If the current recording file will be closed in less than 1 minute, both the current file and the following file will be locked.
  • If the current file has been recording for over 1 minute but will only be closed after at least another 1 minute of recording, only the current file will be locked.

Q. When taking still images, they are tagged with full metadata. When setting image mode to use timed shots (any interval), they are saved with minimal metadata. Is there a way of having full meta data supplied?

A. The metadata (as well as the date/time stamp) must be omitted for timed photos (i.e. “time lapse” mode) whenever the delay between photos is set for less than 2 seconds. This is necessary in order for the photo processing to have enough time to capture and compress the image, and write the image file to the memory card before it’s time to capture the next image. The extra time needed to also capture the date stamp and all the metadata takes to long when the delay between images is set below 2 seconds. FW cannot fix this since it’s a hardware problem. The only solution (which is probably not an acceptable one to your customer) is to set the delay to 2 sec. or higher.

Hint: If you boot Isoprop’s mSetup.exe GUI, open the Photo Tab, and hover the mouse over the Time Lapse Photo function name, you will see this limitation mentioned there (assuming you have not toggled off the Tool Tip feature of the GUI).

Q. How can I tell how much charge my camera has?

A. When turning the Mobius on, the Red LED in the rear of the camera above the memory card slot will flash rapidly from 1-3 times indicating the amount of charge; (1) being the least.

Q. How can I use my Windows 7 laptop to align the camera once I mount it?

A. You could put it in webcam mode. Easiest by removing the memory card, may need to download and install AMCap software.

Q. Where can I find the instruction manual for the Mobius?

A. The manual can be found  inside of the msetup & MobiusManager configuration tool thru the HELP button. The link to downloading the manual can also be found on the Downloads/Info page.

Q. After installing and using the Mobius Android App the camera is no longer detected as a new USB device with my computer?

A. Not sure why this is happening , but the camera can still be accessed by it’s drive designation i.e. (H:) thru File Manager/Windows Explorer. For those that don’t know how to access; Right click on Windows Start Button, lower Left Corner, select “Open Windows Explorer” you should see the camera as a drive letter in the Left column. Click on it to view contents of camera.

Q. mSetup will not start on some Windows 8.1 tablets if the tab has a micro SD card installed

A. Apparently a weird bug,  See comment 12 at

With the sd card removed from tablet, the Mobius program then started with no problems. (thanks to Pete for sharing his find!)

Q. Why has my clock/calendar reset?

A. The only thing that can cause the time to re-set is removal of power from the camera; or possibly an intermittent power issue, or possibly if the battery got so  low… This should not happen under normal circumstances.

Q. Setup software won’t run on my Windows 8?

A. mSetup will not run on Windows 8.0/8.1 RT (ARM processor). It should run on all true versions of Windows from XP to Windows 8.1

Q. When camera is set to take time lapse photos and then are transmitted via USB output thru a FPV transmitter, the pictures are Pink or Green or may be split etc.

A. Set Time Lapse Photo setting to (1) picture every 2 seconds or higher.

Q. I was updating my firmware and the update failed and now the camera just has a steady Blue light and the computer can’t communicate with it, what do I need to do?

A. Either, put the memory card into a card reader and delete the  *******.bin file, then place the card back into the camera, or insert another memory card. Once able to communicate with the camera you can then try the firmware update again. (insure that the battery is fully charged and that no buttons are pressed prematurely during the update process).

Q. Does the memory card need to be inserted into the camera to connect to the computer and use the msetup configuration tool?

A. Yes, with the memory card the camera is seen just like a thumb drive, without the card the camera will be seen as a webcam.

Q. I can format the card and update the firmware but the camera refuses to record video. The rear LED is solid red instead of blinking. The yellow LED may also flash once when you press the shutter button.

A. Most likely you are using an SD card which is not compatible with the camera. Some batches of cards don’t work properly. A typical example is Sandisk 32GB Ultra (class 10) which did not work on earlier firmware versions. If you are having problems with your card use firmware v1.17 or above or try a different card or try formatting the card.

Q. I can’t take videos or photos and the camera is also not recognized by my PC as a removable drive.

A. It’s likely that the SD card is full or the file allocation table (FAT) has become corrupt. Format your card using an external card reader or try another card.

Q. The camera is not recognized as a removable disk or as a Webcam.

A1. The operating system must be XP or greater. The camera must be connected using a standard USB cable. Confirm that the cable is not defective by attaching another USB device using the same cable. Do not use a USB hub. Try using another USB port. Defective cables are the most common problems when the camera is not correctly recognized by the PC. You might also try unplugging other USB devices, then plug the camera. In some cases this seems to “wake up” the USB drivers and things start working again, then you can plug other USB devices back in.

A2. Actual customer process (Mike) used to get his computer USB ports to see the Mobius:  I unplugged everything I had plugged into my USB ports except for my mouse (printer, keyboard, mem card reader). I uninstalled every drive except the one the mouse was using. Next I booted up from off with the camera attached. All my devices reinstalled and asked me to reboot. I rebooted, clicked on MSETUP.EXE and it worked.

A3. Actual customer input;  Tried all the mentioned fixes, re-formatting, cables etc. Works on laptop but not desktop Dell Precision T3500 with two front USB ports. Tried the other port and it works!. Switched back to the previous port and it does not work. Maybe this will help other befuddled users.

(There are so many things that it could be with a computer, firewall, antivirus, devices, drivers, etc. this is one example.)

Q. An SD card is installed, but the camera is not recognized as a removable disk or by mSetup.

A. If you are sure your USB cable is not defective, then it’s possible that the PC USB drivers are not working properly. Try connecting the camera before turning on the PC. After the PC is turned on, the camera should be recognized as a removable disk.  DriveCleanup.exe (freeware) may also be able to fix USB corruption problems. You may also want to try a different USB port on the computer or try the camera on a different computer. This will help to determine if it is a camera or computer issues.

Q. When the camera is connected as an external disk all the files on the SD card appear as corrupt.

A. There is a problem with your cable or the PC USB drivers are corrupt. DriveCleanup.exe (freeware) may be able to fix USB corruption problems.

Q. When the camera is connected to the PC and then turned on I can take pictures and movies but the camera is not recognized as a removable disk.

A. The USB cable is defective.

Q. When I turn the camera on the blue LED turns on and then off and is followed by a short yellow flash which is immediately followed by 15* red or yellow flashes and then 32* very fast red or yellow flashes. The camera then turns off.

*The flashes are either red or yellow, depending on what firmware version is running. There are 3 red flashes at the end of the sequence which may be visible or not visible.

A. There is no SD card inserted or the card is full or not formatted correctly or the card contacts are dirty. Format the card or use another card.

Q. The yellow LED flashes once per second 4 times and then flashes very quickly before turning off.

A. There is no micro SD card inserted, the card is not properly inserted, the card is full or the card is defective. The card must be inserted with the gold contacts facing upwards, towards the buttons. There should be a distinct spring action when inserting the last 5 mm and there should be no friction whatsoever.

When the card is pushed 1 mm inside the body the card should latch with a distinctive click.

Never force the card, and never push the card more than max. 1 mm into the camera body.

Q. When the camera is turned on, the blue LED turns on for a second and then the yellow LED turns on as normal. However, the Mode and Shutter buttons don’t react and I can’t take any video or pictures. The camera is also not recognized by my PC as a removable drive.

A. The lens module ribbon cable is not connected properly or the lens module is damaged.

Q. The camera does not react. The green LED may be on or off.

A. The firmware may have entered a continuous loop, or the battery may be discharged.

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged.
  • Use a paper clip or similar object to press the Reset button. This should force the camera to be turned off.
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • Turn on the camera.
  • As a last resort, disconnect the battery and reconnect again after waiting 30 seconds.

Q. The camera functions normally but only records very short (5 sec.) clips and may turn off.

A. This can be caused by the following:

  • The battery may not be charged. Charge the battery for about 2.5 hours until the green LED turns off. (Use caution when charging from a laptop, when they go into hibernate mode they shut down ports/power and turning off LED’s, giving the user the false sense that the Mobius is charged, when reall it may have only receive 5 minutes of charge)
  • The battery is too cold to provide the power needed to record video. Keep the battery warm before using the camera in cold temperatures (around freezing and below).
  • Check the integrity of your card by using the program h2testw to make sure your card is genuine and not a fake card that has been up-rated.
  • The card used is not compatible with the camera. Use class 4 cards. Kingston cards are recommended.
  • Problematic 64GB cards (or larger) may work better if formatted with FAT32.

Q. Playback is erratic or stutters or the playback colors are psychedelic or the video flashes, has corrupted blocks etc.

A.  Always first copy the video file from the memory card to your hard drive.

  • Your PC or graphics card may not be powerful enough to playback the video stream.
  • You may not have enough memory installed in your PC.
  • Use VLC Media Player.  Window Media Player often chokes on underpowered machines.
  • Psychedelic colors may also indicate problems with the CMOS lens module. Make sure the CMOS lens cable is correctly seated and not cracked. The lens cable is very fragile.

Q. There is a distinctive buzzing or clicking noise when videos are played back.

A. Only use quality micro SD cards with a class rating of 4 or above. Low quality cards can draw excessive current which may result in electrical noise in the recording.

Q. When I update the firmware the blue LED remains on for about 2 seconds and then the yellow LED remains on. The firmware is not updated, but the firmware file is deleted from the card.

A. Firmware must be updated using an SD card formatted in FAT32. Larger cards with a capacity of 64GB and above are formatted with exFAT. New cards with a capacity up to 32GB are formatted with the FAT32.

Q. How can I clean my Weather Cover?

A. The Weather Cover can be wiped down using a Cotton Ball and Rubbing Alcohol or soap and water.

Q. There is no sound on playback.

A. Always first copy the video file from the memory card to your hard drive.
This sometimes happens in certain media players depending on versions, codecs, etc. Best, most robust media player is VLC and is freeware.

Q. Having problems getting the Mobius to connect with a Mac, along with other Mac related issues.

A. Refer to the Mac related documents and helpful information found here.

Q. What is the screw type and size used in the Pro Mounts?

A. It is a #2 tri-lobe thread forming screw and requires a #1 phillips heads screw driver for proper fit.

Q. How many minutes or hours of video will my memory card hold?

A. For 1080P video, there is approx. 132,209KB of memory per minute of video (1GB=1,000,000/132,209KB=number of minutes)
A. For 720P, 30fps video, there is approx. 63,537KB of memory per minute of video (1GB=1,000,000/63,537KB=number of minutes)
A. For 720P, 60fps video, there is approx. 132.000KB of memory per minute of video (1GB=1,000,000/132,000KB=number of minutes)


Example, 16GB gets about 2:20min of 1080P video, 720 60fps is about the same, 720 30fps is about double (4:30 min). From that you can figure  how much different size cards will hold.

Q. How many high resolution photos will my memory card hold (time lapse photos)

A. A 2304 x 1536 picture =889Kb, (1GB=1,000,000/889=1124 photos) (16GB=1126 x 16=17984 photos) (32GB=35968 photos)

Q. What size Hex wrench is used for the lens focus lock down set screw?

A. 0.9mm (.035in)

Q. What is the easiest method to focus the camera?

A. Check to see if you can turn the outer portion of the lens with the lens cap removed (wide Angle lens, for std lens the case will need to be opened). If you can rotate it then you will be able to focus it.

This is most easily done by putting the camera in webcam mode. The easiest method is to remove the memory card, then connect to your PC. Check in your devices to see if your computer lists a USB camera, if not you may need to download the AMCap software, which should then allow you to see your camera as a webcam (i.e. live video) at this point you can now adjust the focus on your camera while looking at your monitor. Point the camera at an object, (I like to select something with text) and adjust until you see the sharpest/crisp image. Your camera is now focused.

Q. How can I rotate a video and save it?

A. This is easily done using VLC media player. This is one of the best medial players in our opinion and the most robust. Steps to Rotate and Saving a video can be found here.

Q. Is the only form of payment PayPal?

A. PayPal processes all of our payments, but you can use any credit card if you choose or your Paypal account. Billing address must be in the same country as your delivery postal address. (Note: you are only paying with your PayPal account if you enter your PayPal password)