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Trouble Shooting/Frequently Asked Questions Mobius2

Below are some helpful tips to some frequently asked questions:

Q. What is the difference between the Mobius, Mobius2 and the MobiusMini cameras?

A. Other than the obvious visual differences and size, the cameras do have different functionality. This can best be seen by looking at this compare document using msetup screens; Click Here

Q. I am having problems getting my computer to see the camera?

A1. Make sure a compatible memory card must be installed, battery is fully charged, and you are using the USB cable supplied.

A2. Sometimes the M2 requires a slightly longer button press to turn ON.

A3. Connect to the computer via USB cable, then press and hold the power button to turn OFF, then press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds to turn ON.

A4. With the camera disconnected from the computer and memory card installed, turn camera on and take a short video recording (indicated by flashing Yellow LED), then try connecting to computer.

A5. With the camera ON, try pressing the reset button.

A6. Make sure the memory card is fully inserted, might need to use a small pointed object such as a paper clip or a pen tip.

Q. Is there a Airsoft package for the Mobius2 (M2)?

A.  We do not have a package, but you can create your own by selecting these items:

Mobius2 Basic Package, Picatinny Mount, Zoom Lens (info can also be found HERE)

Q. Is there a DashCam package for the Mobius2 (M2)?

A.  We do not have a package, but you can create your own by selecting these items:

Mobius2 Basic Package, Super Capacitor, Universal Mount (info can also be found HERE)

Q. Does the Mobius2 support webcam mode?

A. No, it does not. The new chip-set does not support this function.

Q. Is the internal battery the same as the Mobius1 camera?

A. Yes, 820mah

Q. Can the Mobius2 be fitted with the new Zoom Lens?

A. Yes, the thread on the lens is the same. It is however a bit more difficult to focus since there is no webcam mode. (assembly instructions can be found HERE)

Q. Can I use the Pro Magnet mount and its accessories such as the Bow Mount, Hat Clip, etc?

A. Yes, When combined with the Pro2 Mounting package you can have all the same great mounting options as the Mobius1 has.

Q. Is there a way of protecting the camera from rain, snow, dust, etc?

A. Yes, the new Mobius2 Weather Cover helps protect the camera for outdoor use.

Q. How can I make configuration changes to the Mobius2?

A. The Mobius2 can be changed using the same methods as with the original mobius, the most basic is with a text file, but the best method is to use the msetup configuration utility developed by “Isoprop”

Q. Does the Mobius2 have a heatsink?

A. Yes, the heatsink on the mobius2 is on the bottom of the camera, the standard brass mount or the aluminum Pro2 mount help to dissipate the heat.

Q. Can the Lens Extension Cable be used with the Mobius2?

A. No, the M2 flex circuit has a different number of pins.