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Oct 22, 2014

Video of the Month Submission Area

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Please share with us how you are using the Mobius Action Video camera and any links to your published videos (future prizes and give-a-ways will be based on these submissions)

Many of the videos submitted can be viewed on the Video Gallery page.


  1. The Mobius is great for ANGLERS…especially with the hat clip and weather proof case.

    Here’s links to the THREE video’s I did talking about them to my audience of fisherman: – MOBIUS ACTION CAM; a perfect Fisherman camera / Hat Cam!!! – Weather proof case & Hat clip!! – MOBIUS IN ACTION ON THE WATER!

    Thanks for watching. I sure do LOVE my Mobius action cam.

  2. Here is a video with the MobiusHD on an R/C airplane flying around our house, my brother purchased the MobiusHD its awesome.

  3. flymobius /

    My Mobius is my go to camera for airborne video. Light, compact and great definition!

    See an example here:

  4. flymobius /

    Check out this comparison between the Mobius and my Canon Powershot SX-40 35 mm point and shoot. You’ll be amazed:

  5. Hi..

    Here are to video clips taken with the Mobius camera mounted on the belly of my RC Plane model. The mobius camera is so much more easier and lighter to use on RC planes and it does not off balance the aircraft. Hope you enjoy them and excuse the bumpy landings.. which also tells you how secure the mounting accessories of mobius are!!

  6. mikesimensky /


    Here’s my submission. I filmed a zombie run with the Mobius and was able to make a mini feature film with it! Very effective indeed!


  7. Michiel /

    Here the footage from my Mobius under a Hexacopter the DJI F550. Very nice quality!


  8. I am a professional filmmaker from the Netherlands. I bought the Mobius actioncam a while ago. In the meantime I made a number of test shots and I made a promo video for Mobius Wide angle. Check it out:

  9. This video is from a skating trip in northern Sweden. Just three days after it was frozen. All photo taken with the Mobibus with a standard lens.

  10. Hello

    My vidéo from France

    With Mobius firmware V2.18 standard lens


  11. This is a video from a acrobatic glider made with the Mobius Actioncam

  12. Findhund /

    This is a Video from a railway modelling (German: Modelleisenbahn) made with the Mobius ActionCam:





  13. pjgat09 /

    My friend Elliot and I used Mobius Action Cameras to shoot the Antares rocket explosion in October from a few hundred feet away. You can watch our videos here:

  14. TerryinTexas /

    I use my Mobius as a train Cam on my HO layout to shoot track level Video

    • advent35 /

      That was really cool. A friend of mine sets up a Christmas village every year and this would make a great video. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Mobius Action Cam on a R/C E-.Flite Boeing Stearman

  16. advent35 /

    My last video from my lost Mobius some where in the field below.

  17. Castel /

    Video of the month submission:

    Mobius Wide Angle camera used for flying via live video feed and HD recording. P-51D Mustang model airplane with scale cockpit!

  18. jgawalters /

    Here’s my video submission for January.

    Its a flight aboard the Parkzone Sport Cub S2 with beautiful countryside recorded in full detail by the Mobius Action-Cam. Filmed with the normal lens at 1080p, 30.

  19. flymobius /

    The story of my Latrax Alias Quadcopter and the Mobius Action Cam after 4 1/2 months in a tree!

  20. MichFeis /

    This Video Shows impression from a drag-hunt in Germany. I attached a brushless gimbal to the back of the helmet of the riders, so that the camera looks to the rear. Gimbal is out of a 3d printer – The riders told me that they didn’t even notice the camera.

  21. AndrewS /

    I set up my Mobius as a dash cam. It was hardwired to my 2014 Toyota Corolla S. The footage was captured on the 13th of January 2015.
    It’s got 1.6 million views on YouTube.

    A captured a car wheel bounce on the highway and smash through my windshield.

  22. /

    Here’s real FPV… Out flying in my Bonanza.

  23. TerryinTexas /

    Just received my Camera prize for the wining video for the month of December 2014 Thanks to USPS it took the scenic route going to CA took 7 more days to make it back to Texas
    Thanks To all At Mobius

  24. Michiel /

    Here some FPV footage. Hope it can be placed on the main page of the site! I love Mobius!

  25. joewiegman /

    Here goes! This is my video using four Möbius Cams on a Piper Cherokee. I haven’t used a GoPro yet, but considering the higher cost and reduced ability to customize the settings, I think I’ll stick with Möbius.

  26. TerryinTexas /

    After i got my new camera for winning the Dec video contest
    i put one camera at the front of tthe train and one at the back
    then did a splot screen video and called it
    Enjoy the ride

  27. sayedmiah /

    Hey guys,

    Here is video of my trip to Bangladesh shot on the Mobius Wide Angle, something a little different for you. Hope you enjoy!

  28. Hi, I started off with the 808 #16 and now have been using the Mobius (Lens B) for a bit more than a year, for recording my paragliding flights. Mostly on my helmet, occasionally carabiner mounted, with optional external home made power pack.

    The video quality is stunning for the price and size and weight !
    Here’s a video I made of my first flight of this year …

  29. JAB1a /

    Amazing Camera and put to so many good uses and still the list grows as to where it can be used. Here are some of my video’s shot using the Mobius Wide Angle…


    Race Track:

    Please enter me into the contest 😉 as I need another camera angle for me video’s 😉

  30. INaHURRY /

    Love the Mobius and so far have used it mainly as a Dash Cam. Just ordered the “Pro” kit so I can increase its uses. Here are a few of my videos. Would love to win another camera!

    Sped up 4X

  31. kwu5765 /

    I got the Mobius Camera Lens B and I’m so far loving it!

    Heres my first time lapse with it

    heres my 2nd time lapse with it… showing the progress of the winter storms in the US…

    And here is my mounting it to my Syma F1 Helicopter.

  32. danielolsman /

    Normaly is use the mobius on my quadcopters, but i tried to make a timelapse. On the video i used a interval of 30 secconds.

    It was very easy to make this video !

  33. INaHURRY /

    Test video using the magnet from the “Pro” mounting kit. Held just fine on the flare of the rear wheel well.Thanks for sending so quickly!

  34. MOBIUS “GONE FISHIN” one mo’ time……..

    It’s as if this camera was made for the angler!


  35. gmulvay /

    Great camera, still works fine after landing in the lake.

  36. TheTank /

    Hi here is a video clips taken with the Mobius camera mounted onto my RC race car.

    Thanks TheTank

  37. TheTank /

    Here is the Mobius Camera mounted on hockey helmets of 5 and 6 year old kids.

    Thanks A proud Dad TheTank

  38. Mobius mounted on the tail of a Pietenpol Aircamper, a 1929 design aircraft. Open cockpit, wood and rag airplane. Even flight with great sunset, Stone Mountain in the background, all to George Harrisons “Awaiting on You All.” Hope you got to fly today, too.

  39. Mobius action camera mounted on the wing of a Radian Pro power glider. Captured the sunset at an altitude of 1633 feet. Also you get a glimpse of the Great Smoky Mountains off in the distance. Hope you enjoy.

  40. This was a test video using my newly made camera mount for the Mobius. The video was filmed the first week in March. I am flying my Radian Pro RC glider over Cherokee Lake in East Tennessee. Hope you enjoy.

  41. TerryinTexas /

    I did a 1080 / 720
    side by side compareson on my train layout
    I prefer the 720 mode as it shows less of the off layout
    stuff like walls in the background

  42. Giogier /

    Mobius cam mounted on a model train in H0 scale
    Awesome cam, hope u enjoy 🙂

  43. okobojo /

    Madison West High School launched a rocket to nearly one mile high with a Mobius camera on board. We would love to win another camera.

  44. tomzy /

    A gliding video from last year shoot entierly with mobius (wide + normal lens)

  45. U.S. Water Rockets created a custom Mobius Camera Tower for the top of a huge Water Rocket that we launched multiple times. The tower gives the perspective of a person standing on the tip of the nosecone looking down. We combine this with ground camera footage from a second Mobius wide angle and some ordinary cameras to produce a video of the project. We would love to win another Mobius camera.

  46. JaxxGTA /

    I bought a Mobius with Lens Type “B” to record HD video from my scratchbuilt Tricopter. I was a bit sceptical about the quality because of the good price but I must say I am really impressed with the 1080p video. The camera is also nice and lightweight.
    Here are a couple of the videos I have captured while flying:

  47. TheTank /

    Testing out my cameras in the dark
    The 3 cameras I used are:
    Sony HDR-XR150
    Mobius Action Cam
    JVC Adixxion

  48. haasz /

    Perfect to use during a small sailing trip, just the right kind of blue!!!

    hope to add that second camera to my mast…

  49. PCNSE /

    High Altitude balloon launch by high school students.

  50. INaHURRY /

    Some back country offroading clips.

  51. watermelonman /

    High power rocket in the desert –

  52. fatpanel /

    Driving with my wide angle in the Colorado Mountains. Only 1;14 long, thanks!

  53. sbcam799 /

    Hello, here’s a video I made on one of the coldest days this past winter. My Mobius Actioncam was amazing in the ice cold weather.

  54. Miguel Diaz /

    Sunset into night FPV flight with my family in San Antonio de los Altos, Edo. Miranda, Venezuela!!!

  55. remio /

    Aviation / Piper Cub – Inflight video over Lake Geneva and Swiss Alps.
    All external views via Mobius.


  56. cjgrosch /

    Flying with my Mobius (Type B) on my Flying wing (Zagi 120), over dunes from Joaquina Beach, Florianópolis, Brazil.

  57. Chris /

    Used my ActionCam on the stream of my pond. Various different birds and close up action! I hope you enjoy.

  58. I’ve been watching hummingbirds at my feeder. Great opportunity to try out the Mobius ActionCam

  59. WallyDad /

    Here is a video compiled of my Mobius action camera on three different model aircraft: a piper cub, a sailplane, and a multirotor. I also used the hat clip mount for the external shots. Enjoy!

  60. jonathan /

    Bike ride using two cameras:

  61. strega /

    using the mobius on my 4m scale glider,
    footage of 2 hawks attacking in flight, camera mounted on wing tip

  62. aeroklaus /

    short paragliding movie in Italy. Aerial shots were made with the mobius, the others with iPhone5c.
    On the last 2 cuts there was an issue with the wb-lock feature which I couldn´t fix completely.

  63. A bird’s eye view of the lakes nearby. Mobius mounted to a DJI f450 quadcopter. Love my Mobius!!

  64. /

    Sailboat racing in Southern California on a Beneteau 36.7 sailboat! Shot with first-person-POV angle and handheld angles with Mobius 1080P mode.

    Multiple camera shots also shown with “split-screen view” using a separate GoPro Hero 3, which required a bunch of color correction on the GoPro. (Such as @ 32:00 of the video below)

    JonathanOasis 2015 San Diego NOOD Regatta [Ep. 7 of 7], on Kraken, Beneteau 36.7

    Audio is original from Mobius and mixed with custom music. For split-screen clips the audio is mixed so that Mobius audio is in one ear and GoPro audio is in the other ear (binaural style).


    For those who love sailing videos, more of my Mobius sailing videos are posted on my patreon page,

  65. aeroklaus /

    another paragliding video with the mobius:


    Handheld, first attempt at “blind filming” while racing, not as passenger!

  67. My first RC video Withe the Mobious I got on Christmas. I used the Bixler 1 fpv plane.

  68. Burty /

    I have used Mobius cameras since first released, and love these cameras! I think my video really demonstrates the capabilities of this camera.

    Make sure you turn resolution up to 1080p and watch in full screen!! 🙂

  69. BudleyG /

    This link is to a video I produced using my Mobius Pro 16G.

    It was mounted to the wing support on an 85 inch wing-span electric-powered Carbon Cub RC airplane. I use this camera a lot on model airplanes and it takes unbelievable clear and sharp video. I love this camera and am thinking about purchasing another one. I gave Mobius a plug in the credits.

    Thank you,

    Bud Glass (I think this is another link to the same video)

  70. MidnightHawk /

    I placed a Mobius on the hood of my car. While I was driving I pressed a red button on the dashboard I hadn’t noticed before and was amazed to see what followed 🙂

    Seriously, the Mobius was attached to DJI Phantom quadcopter.

  71. jkovac /

    My son and I are using a shielded Mobius we bought on this site for onboard video on rockets. I can confirm the shielding prevents any interference with the rocket’s GPS transmitter. I would recommend both the camera and this seller – excellent service, quick shipping, real Mobius.

    Here’s a link to a video of our test flight last weekend:

  72. aeleven /

    I want to share my Spitfire video.

  73. flevine /

    I use my Mobius camera for Kite Aerial Photography. Here is a video of some images I took at the Petoskey (Michigan) State Park in August, 2016.

    I set the camera to take a photo every 30 seconds and send the kite up. These were taken from about 200′ up. Enjoy


  74. Winner16 /

    Here’s my Mobius cam capturing interesting views of RC aircraft models, along with a standard video camera:

  75. airfiddler /

    The Mobius is great for R/C airplanes and Helicopters.
    Here is a link to a fun 4 minute video I made.

    highlight right click, and select go to the following.!Av-NWgNDm2fhvW8sYBYVyAgjS0uU

  76. Here is my compilation from my Wide Angle (B) Mobius Action Cam mounted on my Radian RC Glider. Quality is good but the Raw Footage is much sharper, it is never as good on YouTube, check it out here:

  77. Slope Soaring Radian UMX BNF – Mobius Action Camera

    Slope Soaring the Radian UMX BNF Glider with a Wide Angle Mobius Action Camera on-board. This is a good display of how this tiny 40g 1080p Full HD Mini Cam can be attached to a small RC plane that only weighs 40g, the same as the camera. Filmed in West Auckland on a favorite windy ridge.

  78. Helenskinz – Time Lapse Mobius Wide Angle – Scenic Drive Waitakere, Auckland, NZ.

    This is a compilation of Time Lapse Videos taken with the Mobius Wide Angle Action Camera. Some sky and clouds and some driving in West Auckland, New Zealand through Scenic Drive Waitakere Ranges in January 2015. The Mobius is an unreal device, small, only 40g and discreet. The quality is totally stunning. There is some loss in this video due to making a compilation, normally the 1080p is outstanding and will play without converting on your LED or Plasma TV. Check out the Mobius Dash Cam and the high speed cows, 6 minutes of video from hours of filming. This video demonstrates many different time settings for Time Lapse Videos so you can see how they look at say .25 sces or .30 secs, Time Lapse works great on a dash cam, as you will see.

  79. Mobius Video Test for the Wide Angle Action Camera – Car & RC Plane.

    We tested the Wide Angle Mobius Action Camera by sticking it to the side of the car, on the bonnet, on the windscreen and so on, the 1080p HD is truly stunning. There is also some RC Plane filming in this one with the Mobius weighing in at 40g strapped to a Radian UMX BNF small electric glider which also weighs 40g. Normally a small plane like this could never carry an HD camera but now it can.

  80. The Magnetism of Things – Radian Glider Crashes Into Farm Water Tank

    The harder you try the more likely you will be drawn to the thing you are avoiding the most, why is this? I had 300 acres of land to put the Glider down on and I land in a stinking water tank! Talk about bad luck, the Radian Glider survived and the unprotected Mobius was just fine too.

  81. stlouistechy /

    I’ve got some great footage to share thanks to my Mobius ActionCam. This last weekend my son and I launched a weather balloon 16 miles off the face of the planet to around 85,000 ft!

    We kept it simple with a cell phone to track its location for us, and our Mobius to capture stunning video of the curvature of the Earth. We could really use a 2nd one to double down for the next launch 🙂

    Youtube Vid:

  82. Paragliding in Slovenia, filmed with Mobius 2 , 130 degree wide angle lens and 1080p V3, 120 degree, lens A2 on the helmet.
    Filmed with mobius excluded 1.38-2.08.

  83. Ricardo 77 /

    Mobius mounted front & rear on my Mallock MK28V Supersports. These videos record two fairly spectacular incidents!

  84. Flying my Elf discus launched glider.

  85. Олег /

    Hello everybody.
    I use a camera for first-person flights. The camera is light weight. Fastening is convenient. Video quality is higher than you expect.

  86. Олег /

    The next video frames after processing.

  87. Spectre55 /

    Video I shot a few years ago when an eagle attacked one of my RC planes.

  88. scubaeddie32 /

    flying my rc plane with my Mobius camera

  89. scubaeddie32 /

    flying my big stick rc plane with my Mobius camera

  90. PieroCo /

    Mobius lens A and Mobius lens C2 on board


  91. PieroCo /

    Dragon Force V6 – Mobius camera on board


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