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New Mobius 90 Camera Now Available

New Mobius 90 Camera Now Available

May 4, 2015

Customers have been asking for this, and now it is available! The Mobius 90 allows you to mount the Mobius on its side and capture the full HD video in letterbox format. That means that users can now easily mount this small action video camera on the sides of helmets, guns, poles, roll bars etc. Prior to this our “V” Bar mount (found in the “Pro Packages“) made a nice tidy mounting package for horizontal bar mounting (handle bars, roll bar, top of scope or barrel), but now with the new Mobius 90 this same “V” mount can be used with vertical bar mounting. It now allows you to mount to the sides of scopes, barrels, etc.

This GREAT little camera just got even more versatile!

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