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New Mobius DashCam Package Added

New Mobius DashCam Package Added

Jan 15, 2015

We are please to announce the addition of (2) Dashcam/Driving recorder packages, the Mobius Stealth DashCam driving recorder package and the Mobius Quick Mount Universal Driving Recorder Package. These packages make it easy and affordable to install a dashcam in your vehicle. They come with everything you need to start capturing some amazing, valuable, 1080P HD video & audio.

Stealth Dashcam/Driving recorder package is intended for those individuals that wish to mount a camera in the vehicle in a more permanent fashion; and use the camera for only that usage. While the Quick Mount Universal Dashcam package is for those individuals that would like to use the Mobius as a dashcam, but also take full advantage of the camera and use it for other activities as well, such as hunting, skiing, racing, cycling, etc, or for hands free video recording of your child’s soccer game using the hat mount. The unique magnet mount system allows you to quickly and easily move the camera from one location to another, while offering a secure mount. No other action camera offer you so much versatility for such an affordable price.

There are even articles talking about the possibility of a dashcam helping you save on your insurance. For more information or to purchase a Mobius DashCam package check them out under the DashCam Packages menu.

Also, don’t forget to submit your mobius driving videos for our video of the month contest for a chance to win a free Mobius Basic camera package.

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