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New Wearable Camera Package for the Standard Mobius

New Wearable Camera Package for the Standard Mobius

May 28, 2015

The Mobius Wearable Camera Package is based on the standard Mobius camera. With this package the user can easily mount the camera to a visor with the include Hat Clip or mover the the magnet mounting disk for such applications as a dash board mount. With the addition of this Bow mount it also allows the camera to be easily mounted to a bow for hunting. This small package is capable of providing 1080P HD video and audio and measures an amazing small size; 1.38 x 2.40 x .72 inches (35 x 61 x 18.3 mm

The Mobius Wearable Camera package includes our unique, proprietary, triped magnet mount and Magnet Mounting clip, which allows quick, easy mounting to a hat, visor, etc. The package also includes the Magnet Mounting disc which when stuck to a surface allows the camera to be easily and securely mounted to almost any surface, i.e. plastic car interior parts, non metallic vehicle bodies, etc. With the Magnet Mount alone the camera can be easily mounted to any metal surfaces, such as automotive body, gun, machines, etc. This mounting system give you almost endless possibilities of how and where you can mount the camera while maintaining the small compact size and weight.

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