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H&L, Re-usable Adhesive Inter-locking Mounting Package


When using this mounting solution for the Mobius camera, you won’t find a more robust, simple, compact mount. Not only does it offer tremendous strength, but it also gives adjust-ability and versatility. It also allows for quick mounting and dis-mounting. The H&L mount allows the Mobius to maintain it’s small, compact form factor you have come to love and appreciate!

With the pre-punched piece of H&L, simply peal and stick on the underside of the Mobius mounting sleeve positioned around the opening of the tripod mount adapter opening. Once positioned it still allows use of all other mounts utilizing the tripod thread, along with the use of the Weather Cover. Then simply peal and stick the mating piece of H&L to your desired mounting surface. The possibilities are endless; helmets, ski boots, RC drones, vehicles, guns, etc.

Check out the sample video below:

Once positioned/mounted, the camera can be removed by either simply sliding the camera from the mounting sleeve, leaving the sleeve positioned for future uses, or by simply detaching the entire camera assembly from the H&L.

The package includes:

  • (1) Punched H&L x 2 inches
  • (2) 1.5 inch Adhesive Backed H&L for alternative mounting locations.

Additional H&L can be purchased for additional camera mounting applications.

Price: $12.95$8.95
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