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H&L, Re-usable Adhesive Inter-locking Mounting Strip


This is the same material used in our  H&L, Re-usable Adhesive Inter-locking Mounting Package. This is great for adding additional mounting locations for you camera. This 3 inch length can be easily cut and applied to different items, thus offering greater versatility and usage of the Mobius camera.

This is the industrial version of Velcro. It is plastic hooks with a very aggressive adhesive on the back. Unlike Velcro which has a part “A” & “B” this is a single item that inter-locks to itself to provide a super strong mount. Great, simple, strong mounting solution for the Mobius Actioncam. It’s unique design allows fastening to itself in different orientations. (a simple form of adjust-ability)

There isn’t a more compact, strong, simple mounting solution available!




  • (1) 1 inch wide x 3 inches long (effective length of 1.5 inches. or 3 one inch pieces)
  • Peel and stick 3m adhesive on rear
  • Color: Black
Price: $3.95
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