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ITPcam Cycling Video Camera Package


P.E.D. Products in conjunction with Kinomap, is please to introduce the “Inside The Peloton” video camera package for the cycling enthusiasts; The ITPcam. Now for a limited time introductory price! Includes FREE shipping! (within the USA)

The ITPcam is a complete cycling video camera package for the serious cyclist allowing you to record over 7 hours of full HD video. Simply charge, mount and with the press of a  button and you’re recording awesome video & audio. All this in a camera that is about the size of a Tic-Tac box. To view, simply connect the camera to your computer USB port, move the videos to your computer, then double click on the video file and view with most any media player          .

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Camera Features/Specifications:

  • Video: 1080P 30FPS FULL HD, 720P 60FPS, 720P 30FPS HD H.264/AVC1 video  codec
  • Wide Angle Lens, 132 degree, (3) FOV (Field of View) narrow/standard/wide
  • Photo: 2304 x 1536, 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, supports Time Lapse Photo  Shooting
  • Super mini size, only around 61mm/2.40in (L) x 35mm1.38in (W) x18mm/.70in (H)
  • Super light-weighted: only approx 55g (1.9oz.)!
  • Rechargeable LIPO Battery (820mah), over 2 hrs of recording HD videos
  • Micro SD card slot, supports up to 128GB, (64GB Class 10 included)
  • USB2.0, plug and play, easy connection with computers, no driver needed.
  • Live TV video output while recording videos with optional TV out cable.
  • Compact Handle Bar Mounting system (horizontal & axial mounting)
  • Weather Cover, elastomeric, protects against, rain, snow, dust, mud, etc. (out of stock)
  • User Configurable settings via text editor, configuration tool or Android App; Time Stamp, Video Resolution, Photo Resolution, Time Lapse Photos, Video Clip Length, Loop Recording, Rotate Video, Video Record Quality, Wide Dynamic Range, Power On Delay, Auto Power Off, Auto Record, LED Functions, Charge From Host, TV Out Mode.
  • High quality audio, configurable
  • Time Lapse photo & video
  • Motion Detect
  • Loop recording (useful for evidence recording)
  • Easy to use user configuration tool. Making changes is a snap!

USB 2600 Power Supply Features/Specifications:

  • 2600mah, rechargeable (when used in conjunction with ITPcam provides over 7hrs of video)
  • Standard USB output connector
  • Micro USB Input connector
  • Shock Proof
  • Weather Proof
  • Adjustable Mounting Clip (rotates, quick mount & release)
  • Tri-Color LED capacity indicator
  • Can accept a charge at same time as supplying a device.
  • Compatible with most USB-chargeable devices

User Configurable Features:

  • Date & Time Stamp, on or off (independent for mode1, mode2 & pictures)
  • Date and time format
  • Set video resolution and frame rates (independent for mode1, mode2 & pictures)
  • Set field of view, narrow, standard or wide angle (independent for mode1, mode2)
  • Selectable photo size (2304×1536,1920×1080,1280×720, 848×480)
  • Set frequency for time laps photos (0.25s, 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s & custom with Hours & Minutes settings)
  • Set video clip length (3minutes, 5minutes, 10  minutes, 15 minutes, and max to 4G byte)
  • Set frequency for time lapse video (0.25s, 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s & custom with Hours & Minutes settings)
  • Motion detect, on/off/sensitivity/time out
  • Video file type, MOV, AVI, MP4 or WAV (sound only)(independent for mode1, mode2)
  • Loop recording, on/off
  • Audio can be muted (independent for mode1, mode2)
  • Select inverted recording (useful when camera is mounted upside down)
  • LED’s on/off
  • Wide Dynamic Range, for low light, on/off
  • Auto Power off
  • Auto record, by button push or when external power is applied
  • Video Quality (mbps) Low, Standard, High
  • Webcam mode, MJPG or H.264+Audio
  • TV Out, NTSC/PAL/16:9/4:3
  • Lighting, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Video Image Settings; user configurable; Sharpness, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Color Options, White Balance)

ITPcam Cycling Package Includes:

  • 1080P Wide Angle Camera
  • Camera Mounting Sleeve
  • Camera Mount Adapter #2/Tripod Mount
  • Lens Cover
  • Compact Handle Bar “V” Mount
  • Screw 2-28x.50, Thread Forming (fasten V Mount)
  • Kingston Memory, 64GB, Class 10 Micro SD
  • Documentation/Tools Folder (on camera)
  • ITPcam Camera Configuration (special setup for cycling application)
  • Weather Cover
  • USB Cable
  • USB Dual Port Car Charger
  • USB Power Supply Package, 2600mah, Mount, Protective Cover, Charge Cable
  • (2) Rubber Mounting Rings (camera handle bar mounting)
  • (4) Ty-Wrap (optional camera mounting)
  • (3) Velcro Cable Ties
  • ITPcam Quick Start Instructions (printed)
  • ITPcam Mounting Instructions (printed)
  • Packaging; 7x5x2 Indestructo Mailer & Bubble Bags

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Everything you need! Just charge, mount, and start recording amazing, valuable, videos.

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