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Magnet Mount Picatinny Gun Camera Mount


Just in time for hunting season! We are now taking orders for our new Picatinny Mobius Gun Mount!!Mini-Picatinny

This picatinny gun mount allows mounting of the MobiusMobius2 & MobiusMini actioncam. Simply slide the mount onto your (1913 picatinny) rail in the desired position, tighten the thumb screw, then fasten your camera onto the mount via your “Pro” , “Pro2” Magnet Mount. Works in any position, top, bottom or side mount. Mount is made of plastic, so it is light weight, but very strong. Color is Black.

It can also be used with the Weather Cover in place on your Mobius2. Weather Cover is useful for keeping the camera dry, or getting messy with paintball paint.

Use (2) for a forward and rearward facing camera!

Package Includes:

(1) Picatinny Rail Mount, (for Mobius, Mobius2 & MobiusMini with “Pro” & “Pro2” Magnet mount) (for 1913 rail).

Note: Camera and rail not included.

Waving_Flag_on_3D_PoleGlitter(1)Made in USA

Price: $32.65$22.95