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Mobius Magnet Mounting Hat Clip

Mobius Magnet Clip Mount

Simply sliding the Magnet Mounting Clip/Hat Clip over the brim or visor of a hat allows you to quickly and easily mount the Mobius Actioncam (using the Pro Package), or the Mobius2 (using the Mobius2/Mobius Mini Pro2 Mounting Package) as a wearable camera.

Its two leaf design allows you to bend one of the leafs for optimal pointing based on how you might wear your hat. Makes for excellent hands free video DSC03135recording! The “V” shaped receiver feature locates the magnet mount and keeps the camera pointing in the proper direction. Finish is Black Powder Coat.

The magnet mount offers a very secure mounting for the camera, yet it is quick and easy to move from one location to another. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Uses: Hat mounting, Helmets with visors, Shoulder mount, clip board mounting, anything you can slide the clip over!


(1) Magnet Mounting Clip


You must have or purchase one of the items below to use the magnet mount hat clip:

Waving_Flag_on_3D_PoleGlitter(1)Made in USA

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Price: $19.95
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