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Mobius Magnet Mounting Disc

Magnet Mounting Disc

This steel, 1.50″ diameter Magnet Mounting Disc is backed with 3M-VHB adhesive, and is colored Black. It allows you to mount the Mobius camera (using one of the Pro Packages) to any non-metallic surface by just simply peeling and sticking to any non-magnetic surface. Example; car dash board, plastic or fiberglass body of vehicle, top of quiver on hunting bow.

Using multiple Mounting Discs, the Mobius camera can then be quickly and easily moved from one location to another, while offering a secure rigid mounting. No tools or fasteners required! Camera mounting doesn’t get any quicker or easier than this!

Won’t harm mounting surface! Tested at speeds over 125mph!


Adhesive Backed

Adhesive Backed

(1) Adhesive Backed Magnet Mounting Disc


Requires the “Pro” Mobius mounting package a(here or here)

Price: $6.95$5.95
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