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Magnet Mounting Disk w/Tripod Mtg Thread


Using this Magnet Mounting disk allows expanded options when used with one of the “Pro” packages. It converts any mount that has the standard tripod thread (1/4-20) into a magnet mount; i.e. Suction Cup mount, Universal Mount, Tripods, Handheld mounts, etc.

The Magnet Mounting in the Pro packages gives the camera a strong, rigid mounting, yet allows the camera to be easily moved from one application to another; i.e. Dash mount, Hat Clip, Bow Mount, etc.; making the camera the versatile action video camera on the market.

The Magnet Mounting Disk is 1.50 inches in diameter, has a 1/4-20 thread and is powder coated Black.

Example Pictures:

DSC03220 DSC03221 DSC03224 DSC03226


(1) Magnet Mounting Disk with 1/4-20 Tripod thread


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