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Mobius-90 Basic ActionCam Package


This is the new Mobius-90 Basic action Camera Package, or also know as the HelmetCam  Package The Mobius-90 camera has all the same great features as the original camera, but the Mobius-90 allows the camera to be mounted on it’s edge. Meaning; it creates letterbox video when the housing/buttons are facing left or right, verses the standard mobius that creates letterbox format video when the buttons are facing up or down.

This is very useful for mounting to such items as helmets, belts, guns, etc. This small package is capable of providing 1080P HD video and audio and measures an amazing small size; 1.38 x 2.40 x .72 inches (35 x 61 x 18.3 mm). Camera has multiple video recording modes, 1080P/30 fps wide, 1080P/30 fps narrow, 720P/60 fps standard & 720P/30 fps standard. All easily configurable thru a PC or select-able with the mode button. The camera is easily charged via any USB source (USB car charger included) With the new updated 820mah battery, the Mobius will  record 120 minutes on a full charge. Camera can mount via standard 1/4-20 thread (tripod mounting) or simply mount using velcro or Hook nLoop. For full list of features and functions check the Features Page.

Mobius-90 Base Basic Package Includes (w/o memory): 

  • 1080p Mobius-90 Camera, standard lens “A”, (Std 90 camera)
  • Mounting Sleeve
  • 1/4-20 Threaded Mount
  • USB Cable
  • Car Charger
  • Velcro Patch
  • Lens Cover
  • H&L Mounting Package (see video clip below)
  • FREE SHIPPING (US only, international shipments are discounted)

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  • 20150627_161210-sm  

Video Sample Using Weather Cover (Helmet Mounted)


  1. This camera must be oriented in the “vertical” position for standard letterbox video format; i.e. buttons facing left or right ;as opposed to the standard Mobius where the buttons are either on the top or bottom. (video can still be configured for 180 degree rotation)

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