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Mobius-90 Replacement Lens/Sensor Assembly


90-Lens-Snsr-assy1This lens/sensor assembly is the same as is shipped in the Mobius-90 camera packages. It is intended to be a replacement item for those individuals that have damaged their lens, or for converting your standard Mobius camera to a Mobius-90 camera. The difference being, it creates letterbox video when the housing/buttons are facing left or right, verses the standard mobius that creates letterbox format video when the buttons are facing up or down.

The lens can be replaced by removing (2) screws on the case, opening, opening the latch on the Flat Flex cable connector, removing the cable and freeing the lens assembly. Assembly is in the reverse order. Extreme care must be used when handling this item as well as the Flat Flex cable connector on the PCBd. Be sure to not use force, create extreme folds to the flex cable and dissipate static discharge prior to touching.

General Good Practice when handling electronics, Must read before starting; whenever handling electronics, i.e. printed circuit board, flex cable, you must take care not to introduce ESD (electro Static Discharge) into the device. This is most commonly seen in the dry winter months when you walk across the room and touch something metal and get a shock. So before working on the camera it is a good idea to touch something metal to dissipate before starting; do this again every time you move from your work area. When handling the printed circuit boards, always try to handle the board from its edges, also avoid touching electrical contacts on the the flex cable.

1. The lens/sensor assembly is shipped with a new plastic Mobius camera housing due to the fact that the new sensor assembly will not fit properly in an older housing.

2. Not compatible with Mobius2

Package Includes:

(1) Mobius-90 Lens/Sensor Assembly
(1) Current Mobius Housing

Price: $39.95$31.95