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Mobius Pro16 Mts

This “Pro” package includes the same great Mobius camera as in the Basic Packages, which is everything needed to start recording beautiful 1080P HD action video.  (For full list of features and functions check the Features Page.)

Also included is the “Magnet” mount, which allows the camera to be mounted to anything magnets will stick to, like the hood of a car. These magnets are super strong, and have been tested at speed over 125mph.

Mounts are fastened by removing camera from the holder, which exposes a counter-bore hole to use the #2 screw to fasten the Magnet mount. (see video below)

Base Pro Package Includes: (all variants in the drop down menu below include additional items)Info-Balloon-1

  • 1080p Mobius Camera (std Lens)
  • Holder/Mount
  • Mount Adapter (1/4-20 Thread Mount)
  • 16″ USB Cable
  • Car Charger
  • Velcro Strip
  • Lens Cover
  • Magnet Mount
  • Magnet Mounting Disc (adhesive backed) NOW INCLUDED!
  • #2 Mounting Screw
  • FREE SHIPPING (US only, international shipments are discounted)

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1. Shipping to foreign countries are subsidized for USPS First Class Shipping.
2. #2 mounting screw requires #1 blade phillips heads screw driver for proper fit.
3. Wide Angle option: substitutes the Wide Angle camera (“C2” Lens) for the standard camera (“A” Lens).
4. All camera packages that are ordered with memory come with important and helpful documentation, configuration utility and “How To”     videos loaded on  them.

Wide Angle verses Standard lens video samples can be seen here.

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Memory: 16GB or 32GB
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Other package configurations available in the drop-down menu below. (Wide Angle selection substitutes W/A for Standard camera)

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