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Mobius Stealth DashCam Driving Recorder Package


The Mobius Stealth DashCam package is intended for those individuals that want to mount their camera permanently and out of sight inside the vehicle. This package gives you  everything you need to mount the camera as pictured, then route the cable using the cable clips to the USB power source. The adhesive backed mount fastens to the windshield and gives you tilt adjustment. This mount also offers a quick release feature so you can remove the camera from the adhesive base if necessary, then remount without affecting pointing by simply sliding and snapping into place.

This Mobius DashCam package gives you everything you need to use as a dashcam/driving recorder. Simply peel and stick the Universal Mount to your windshield, place the Car Charger in the cigarette lighter, plug the USB cable in. Simply turn on or start the vehicle and you are recording amazing HD video. (see sample video below)

The DashCam Package comes with; the Mobius Wide Angle, “C2” Lens camera (so that you capture the maximum field of view), pre-programmed for loop mode and auto on/record when the vehicle is turned on or started. The 32GB memory card allows you to capture the last 4 hours of video while in loop recording mode. (note: just captured video you know you want to save and not over written? video clips can be write protected by pressing the “Mode” button during the recording)

Many insurance companies are starting to offer discount to drivers using a dashcam, as sometimes the video provides very valuable information. (link to article) Other drivers have used their dashcams for traffic violations. Truck drivers especially like the use of a dashcam to capture the bonehead maneuvers other drivers pull… like pulling in front of a tractor trailer, then deciding to slam on the brakes.

The Mobius DashCam is very easy to use; captured some video you want to save/view? There are a number of methods you can use to view your video; simply unplug the cable from the charger and plug into a computer, then download just like a thumb drive; or if you have an Android based phone with the Mobius App and the OTG cable, you view/move video to your phone; or you can remove the micro SD card and plug into an SD card reader; or you can remove the camera from the adhesive mounting base as mentioned above and connect to computer to view/move videos. Videos can be viewed on most any media player.

(Base) Stealth DashCam Package Includes: 

(Hard-Wire) Stealth DashCam Package Includes:

  • All the same items listed above, and the exceptions or additions listed below
  • 32″ USB cable substituted for 117″(3m) cable (use for download)
  • USB Hard-Wire Cable, 9ft (allows for direct connection to vehicle 12vdc power)

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Sample Driving Video


1. DashCam package includes Super Capacitor in place of internal battery, this means camera must be externally powered.

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