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Mobius Quick Mount Universal DashCam Driving Recorder Package


This Mobius Quick Mount DashCam package gives you everything you need to easily mount and use as a driving recorder, but yet still be able to easily use for other applications; i.e. hunting, cycling, etc, where a self powered camera with an internal battery is required. Simply peel and stick the Universal Mount along with the Magnet Mounting Disc to your windshield, place the Car Charger in the cigarette lighter, plug the USB cable in, place the camera with its magnet mount on the universal mount, plug the USB cable into the camera, then simply turn on or start the vehicle and you are recording amazing HD video. (see sample video below) Or record on the internal battery without connecting the external USB power cable up to 2 hours, by just pressing the on/off button.

Mobius-Hat-Mount1-9471The exclusive magnet mounting system allows you to quickly mount and dis-mount the camera from your dashcam application or other applications; for example hands free video recording with the Hat Clip, or mounting to your bow using the Bow Mount for hunting or target practice, or mounting to any other metal surface, or with use of the adhesive backed Magnet Mounting Disc, mount to any non-metallic surface like your boat or jet ski. Easily remove your camera to place in another car or hide from site when away from your vehicle, or turn to capture other desirable video, such as the officer at your door or point towards the rear of your car. Other driving recorders have a “fixed” mount not allowing for this type of versatility. (The camera can also be mounted using any mount that utilizes the standard tripod  1/4-20 thread).1fe4d84a0f9de3bacba8bbeb051a4bda

The DashCam Package comes with; the Mobius Wide Angle, “C2” Lens camera (so that you capture the maximum field of view), pre-programmed for loop mode and auto on/record when the vehicle is turned on or started. The 32GB memory card allows you to capture the last 4 hours of 1080p HD video while in loop recording mode.

Many insurance companies are starting to offer discount to drivers using a dashcam, as sometimes the video provides very valuable information. (link to article) Other drivers have used their dashcams for traffic violations. Truck drivers especially like the use of a dashcam to capture the bonehead maneuvers other drivers pull… like pulling in front of a tractor trailer, then deciding to slam on the brakes.

The Mobius DashCam is very easy to use – capture some video you want to save/view? Simply unplug the cable from the charger, pull the camera off the magnet mount, connect to any computer USB, transfer the videos to your device, then view with most any media player. (Video can also be viewed on most Android based smart phones with the proper App).

Quick Mount DashCam Package Includes:

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Sample Driving Video

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