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Mobius New A2 Replacement Lens


This replacement lens allows you to replace your damaged standard “A”  or “A2” lens or convert your C2 lens Mobius.

Note: opening of the camera case and re-focusing procedure required. (see below)

Package includes:

  • (1) Mobius New Standard “A2”  lens/filter assembly
  • (1) Hex Wrench

Replacement Procedure:

General Good Practice when handling electronics, Must read before starting; whenever handling electronics, i.e. printed circuit board, flex cable, you must take care not to introduce ESD (electro Static Discharge) into the device. This is most commonly seen in the dry winter months when you walk across the room and touch something metal and get a shock. So before working on the camera it is a good idea to touch something metal to dissipate before starting; do this again every time you move from your work area. When handling the printed circuit boards, always try to handle the board from its edges, also avoid touching electrical contacts on the the flex cable.

  1. Using a #1 small Philips screw driver, remove the (2) screws on the bottom, front of Mobius housing.
  2. Hinge camera case open (front to rear)
  3. Carefully unplug the small connector for the battery.
  4. Carefully open latch on flat flex cable connector on main printed circuit board and remove lens, sensor, flex cable assembly. (note: this step may be skipped if you feel you can perform the following steps while connected to the camera)
  5. Using the provide small Hex wrench, loosen the set screw on the bottom of the lens housing.
  6. While firmly holding the outer part of the lens with one hand and the lens housing with the other hand, unscrew the lens from the assembly. (Note: this may take some force)
  7. Take the new lens and make sure the filter glass on the backside is free of duct or finger prints, then re-assemble back into the lens housing being careful to not cross thread the threads. DO NOT THREAD ALL THE WAY IN, as you may damage the sensor glass.
  8. The lens now needs to be focused, this can be most easily done by putting the camera in webcam mode.
  9. Reconnect the Flat Flex cable if removed in step 4, then reconnect the battery, remove the memory card, plug in USB cable to computer, then turn camera on and view in webcam utility, i.e. AMCap
  10. Turn lens until desired focus is achieved, again, being careful to not screw in too far as damage may occur to sensor glass. Then tighten set screw and reassemble camera.
Price: $13.95$9.95