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Mobius Higher Capacity Replacement Battery, 820mah

Mobius 820mah Battery
Mobius 820mah Battery

This is the new higher capacity(820mah) replacement battery for the Mobius camera. With this increased capacity battery the Mobius can now record over 2 hours of awesome HD video. Battery fits into any of the existing Mobius cameras housings.

Battery can be changed by removing (2) screws on bottom, front of case, sliding and lifting cover off. Existing battery is stuck to the inside of case with double sided foam tape; unplug the 2 pin connector from the Printed Circuit Bd and remove battery. Assemble new battery by pealing liner from foam tape and locating in the same position as the battery just removed. Plug wires/connector into PCBd connector noting that it only plugs in one orientation. (Red wire closest to wall) Insure wires do not get pinched, re-assemble cover and screws.

Note: Do Not touch any other components on the Printed Circuit Bd and be careful to not transfer static electricity to the PCBd. (It is helpful to touch something metal before opening up the case so that you would disapte any charge you might have on your body)

Specs: 3.7v, 820mah, 2 pin polarized plug, LiPo battery

Notes: Compatible with Mobius1 and Mobius2

Price: $19.95$11.95
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