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Mobius USB Cable Hardwire Power Kit


Cable-USB-hardwire-2This USB cable kit is for those individuals that want to hard-wire their Mobius into the vehicle. Perfect for Dashcam applications. This custom designed cable assembly consists of 9 ft of high quality jacketed cable. It has the proper angled mini USB connector for connecting into the Mobius, and allows for a compact installation with discrete mounting. It also consists of a noise suppressor to eliminate  electrical noise that many times exists on the vehicle battery power. The built in regulator allows connection to any 12-24vdc power source providing clean, stable, continuous USB power to your camera/device.

The cable comes with a Red & Black open ended lead to allow easy connection into the vehicles wiring. Use the (8) included cable clips to anchor and neatly route the cable. (Red +/Black -/Gnd)


Package Includes:

(1) USB Regulated/Filtered USB Cable Assembly

(8) Adhesive Backed Cable Clips

Price: $24.95$21.95
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