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Mobius Zoom Hunting/Airsoft Video Pkg

New Mobius Zoom Camera Package

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The picture above is an example of the zoom and the quality of the image. On the left is an example from the standard “A” lens, and on the right , from the same position is an example from the NEW Mobius Zoom lens. Unbelievable color and detail at nearly 150 yards away!!

ZoomHunting/Airsoft package, also know as a ScopeCam is a perfect fit for Airsoft competitors, and with the picatinny mount allows you easily mount the camera directly to your gun. It is also a great fit for gun hunters.

Zoom/Magnification: 8x

Sample video from Zoom Lens (first zoom footage appear at 4:32, 5:45)

More sample Zoom lens video.

Base Package includes:


1. If you wish to adjust the focus on your Zoom camera, instructions to do so can be found HERE. Some of the steps may be omitted as the lens is already fitted.

Options to select from below are: memory upgrades as well as the Mobius-90 configuration (camera oriented on its side)

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