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Right Angle Magnet Mounting Bracket, VHB Adhesive


This right angle magnet mounting bracket works in conjunction with the Triped magnet mount found in the Mobius Pro packages as well as the Mobius Bodycam/Wearable camera packagesDSC03150. It has a VHB peel and stick adhesive base which allows mounting to virtually anything. This mount allows the Mobius-90 Bodycam to also be used as a Dashcam as well as being worn on a belt.

The Magnet mount offers a quick, secure method of mounting and moving the Mobius from one location to another; making it one of the most versatile cameras on the market. The triangular shape allows for easy location/alignment for repeatability.

This mount could also be used to mount the standard Mobius to a vertical wall. The mounting leaf is bendable for minor adjustments.

Part is Powder coated Black and made of mild steel with 3M VHB adhesive.DSC03148

Package includes:

  • Right Angle Magnet Mounting Bracket, VHB Adhesive

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