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Shielded Mobius Case


Do I need a Shielded Mobius Camera case?

Read full description, details and test results here.

Already have a Mobius and want a shielded camera? This package allows you to move the components from your camera and assemble them into this shielded case; you now have a shielded camera! If you are looking for a complete shielded camera you can go here. Get it at this low introductory price!!

Package includes:

  • Shielded Case Bottom
  • Shielded Case Top with heatsink pad
  • Shielded Buttons
  • (2) Case Screws


  1. All shielded cases are now being shipped with the updated case which will accept either new lens assembly.
  2. It is recommended to apply a piece of Kapton or Clear Scotch tape to printed circuit board, as shown here, before re-assembly.

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