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Mobius Basic ActionCam 16 Pkg

Mobius Basic ActionCam 16G

This is the great new Mobius action camera package. This small package is capable of providing 1080P HD video and audio and measures an amazing small size; 1.38 x 2.40 x .72 inches (35 x 61 x 18.3 mm). Camera has multiple video recording modes, 1080P/30 fps wide, 1080P/30 fps narrow, 720P/60 fps standard &

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Mobius Pro16 Mts

Mobius ActionCam Pro 16G

This Pro16G package includes the same great Mobius camera as in the Basic Packages, which is everything you need to just charge, mount and start recording awesome 1080P HD videos (16GB Memory card included). With this kit you can screw mount using the 1/4-20 adapter, or use the magnet mount to any metal surface, or

Price: from $154.95$116.95
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