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USB Power Supply, 2600mah, LED Indicator


This small, very compact design makes this USB power supply a great addition to the Mobius camera for extended recording or to just charge the camera or any other USB powered device; i.e.  cell phone, etc. It measures .93 x .93 x 3.55in  long. The power supply case is made from an aluminum extrusion and has a Black powder coat finish. It has (2) ports, one for charging with the included cable, and the other which is a standard USB for connecting any USB cable to power or charge your device. The unit also has a three digit LED, which when the button is pressed will display the amount of remaining charge (0-100%)

Note: This external battery in conjunction with the fully charged internal Mobius battery will give you just over 7 hours of video recording.

Package Includes:

(1) USB Power Supply, 2600mah, Black
(1) USB Charge cable, White

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