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Weather Cover for Mobius Wide Angle & Zoom Lens

Wide Angle Lens Weather Cover
Wide Angle Lens Weather Cover

Testing the Weather Cover for the Mobius Wide Angle Camera

This silicone Weather Cover keep the Mobius ActionCam clean and dry in messy conditions such as rain, snow, mud, dust, etc. Yet allows activation of the buttons as well as visibility of LED’s.

The cover also helps to protect your camera from shock or impact from dropping. It also aids the camera in cold weather usage.

The fact that the cover is made from Silicone Rubber, allows it to stretch over the lens, then fits tightly around the backside of the lens and provide a seal. It works just like a scuba diving mask. The inside of the camera stays dry, the lens gets wet, but is unharmed. Access to the memory card and USB port is simple and easy by just lifting up the backside of the cover. Using the cover also allows you to still use the protective lens cap as well. (cover may also be removed)

Sample Video using the Weather Cover:

Assembly and removal instructions for Wide Angle Weather Cover.


Package includes:

  • (1) Weather Cover
  • Instructions for use and cleaning


  1. Weather Cover is included in the Pro16WA Pacakge. Does not protect against submersion.
  2. Weather Cover for Standard Lens Mobius can be found here.
  3. The Weather Cover is intended for wet, messy conditions; it is not recommended to be used in hot dry conditions.

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