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New Wide Angle Lens C2 to Replace the Original C Lens

Recent delays in shipping of the “C” Wide Angle lens has resulted in the following; The Mobius Lens C is being discontinued due to manufacturing QC issues that resulted in unacceptably low yields on lenses that meet the developer’s standards for lens quality. A new wide angle lens, to be designated as lens C2, is now in production and will be available for vendor re-stocking in the very near future. The new lens is a little more compact and has color properties very close to the prior Lens C. It has a very slightly wider HFOV and better corner sharpness than Lens C, but cannot quite match the excellent lens flare control Lens C had. But all things considered it is a better, higher quality lens that will be sold for the same price of the prior Lens C. Lens C2 will have the same latest design circuit board back plate holding the CMOS imager with the added ribbon cable clamping socket, so it cannot be retrofitted into older cases that were not designed for this new lens module style. Be sure you have the proper case design if you are retrofitting this lens on an older Mobius. (Info provided thanks to Tom Frank, RC Group)  ...