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New Firmware for the Mobius Adds New Features/Functionality

The new firmware that has just released (v2.10) gives the Mobius ActionCam some new features and functionality. Most notably is the addition of the 25-50 fps options. This has been long awaited in markets which use PAL TV. Other new features now allows the date format to be set in one of (3) formats. Also, user can now select the mode the camera defaults to on Power Up. Both of which can be seem form the msetup screen shot below of the “Basic Sttings” tab. (msetup is developed and maintained by “Isoprop” which deserves many thanks for a great job on a great interface making the Mobius easier to use)             A new “Misc. Settings” tab has been created in msetup; which now includes the Webcam configuration selection. (MJPG or H.264 + audio) again, these can be seen by the screen shot of the “Misc Settings” tab below. Video Mode 1, Video Mode 2 & Photo mode now have their own configuration tabs, which now includes (4) different video or sound type file creations. Wide Dynamic Range now has a “Low Light” option, and the new 25-50 frame rates are now available. The Mobius now has the ability to capture time lapse videos in predetermined intervals or custom, where hours and minutes can be entered. (this custom interval is now also available for phots as well) The user can now also choose to time stamp videos and photos separately. Below are the screen shots from Isoprops msetup. The screeshot below is of the Advanced Image Settings tab from Isoprops msetup. Other changes have been made to address some of the previous issues having to with memory cards and their...