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Mobius Adds New Wide Angle “C” Lens

The Mobius camera has just released the new Wide Angle “C” lens for its already fantastic little camera. The new “C” lens has a wider FOV (field of view) than the previous wide angle “B” lens. 132 degrees vs the 116 degrees of the previous lens. The lens assembly is also suppose to have better color balance. This new “C” lens will be replacing the original wide angle “B” lens. All Wide Angle camera packages shipped from this site now come standard with the new “C” lens. How can you tell the new “C” lens from the “B”? The overall outside diameter of the lens is the same, meaning the same lens cap fits over it, but the actual glass lens is slight larger diameter; .53in (13.5mm) vs .49in (12.5mm). The outer lens ring is also thicker; .236in (6mm) vs .183in (4.7mm). The lens protrudes from the camera body the same amount as previous, this means the distance between the back of the lens and the camera body is less on cameras with the new “C” lens. When configuring you camera make sure to select the correct lens type; Standard, “B” or “C” Note: There has since been a new version of the “C” lens released; it is known as the “C2” lens. The lens housing measures .205 (5.2mm) thickness and the C2 lens diameter is almost as large as the outer lens housing. More info about the “C2” lens can be found...