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Video out enable for the hobbyist

Video out enable for the hobbyist

Sep 3, 2013

Because of its lightweight size and fantastic video quality, the Mobius Actioncam is the perfect choice for the hobbiest that wants to add video to their RC devices. This camera does have video out capability with a modified cable:

This camera requires a standard USB cable for charging or connecting to external battery packs for continuous recording. A standard USB cable is also used to connect the camera to the PC in order to set the parameters or access the camera as an external disk or webcam. A/V-out requires a special cable where pin #4 is shorted to pin #5 (ground). When the firmware detects pin #4 connected to ground it will output the video signal on pin #2 and the audio signal on pin #3. Special cables can be ordered from the supplier in the form of a harness or you can make one yourself using a 5-pin mini USB plug (not micro USB). You can also modify a Smartphone OTG (On The Go) cable which already has pins #4 and #5 shorted in the mini USB plug.

You must under no circumstances use any other “special” cable that has been made for other mini cameras! Doing so will destroy your camera beyond repair. So, do not use a #11, #16, or any other “special” cable under any circumstances. If you are unsure about the cable, be sure it has the following pinout:

Video out cable for Mobius Actioncam

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